Thursday, July 16, 2015

Democracy may not necessarily be better for a nations fortune

We have to see the outcome of democracy. I don’t believe it will be a good outcome. But anyway, different people may say, “Okay. All governments are bad, but democracy is the best.” I’m not sure about that. Because I’ in Asia, Japan in the ’70s, ’80s, and South Korea, ’70, ’80s, Taiwan ’70, ’80s, Singapore until today, Hong Kong, until today, these countries never really had democracy, but they prospered.

Now you may say, “Well, there were some unusual conditions because of this and that, and so forth.” That may be true, but nevertheless, I’ve seen prosperity already in countries like, or in cities like Venice, Florence, Amalfi,Siena, developed, and they didn’t have democracy. In the German towns where prosperity developed, the trading towns, the Hanseatic towns, they never had democracy. So I’m not sure if democracy is the best system. I’m not saying that it’s not necessarily the best system, but it’s not yet proven. It’s just that society says democracy is good, but maybe it’s a farce. Does your vote have any impact?